Motivational Enhancement


About Motivational Enhancement

Have you ever wondered why someone who appears to need change, and is provided with quality helping resources, doesn’t end up accomplishing sustainable improvement? The answer could lie in the disconnect between that individual’s readiness to change, and the change status requirement of the program or intervention. For example, when the highly ambivalent person gets connected with the action-ready program, two things typically occur – the person washes out, because the program doesn’t sufficiently meet them where they are at, or the person “goes along to get along” and goes through the motions of what is expected, but then promptly regresses or relapses when that treatment episode is complete.

Motivational Enhancement is about accurately evaluating an individual’s stage of change, and connecting them with treatment that is able to meet them where they are at, in order to sufficiently resolve ambivalence so that a true and lasting commitment to recovery can be made.

Motivational Interviewing

This most well-developed MOTIVATIONAL INTERVIEWING WEBSITE contains a wealth of information and resources, including a library of research findings on how Motivational Interviewing has been applied to numerous areas of difficult-to-change behavior, across various populations.

  • No-cost resources that can assist in learning and understanding Motivational Interviewing include the following:

Modality-specific Motivational Strategies

Substance Abuse and M.E.

Modality-specific Motivational Approaches