Contemporary Addictions Treatment

Cutting-edge practice knowledge and skills

"What do I wish I had been taught at the beginning of my career as an addictions counselor?"

This was the question I found myself considering in 2012, after 20 years of practice experience, and having participated in multiple regional, State and national conferences addressing the treatment of addictions. I had sampled much of what the available research and practice literature had to offer, and found myself increasingly frustrated by the lack of a comprehensive and practical approach to this increasingly important topic.

Out of that frustration was born the curriculum that became the core framework for the University of Michigan’s Addictions Certificate Program, and which served as the impetus to develop this book, as a “one-stop” publication that could equip practitioners with comprehensive foundational practice and skill knowledge to support the effective treatment of individuals with substance use disorders. This publication is significant in scope, as well as containing links to hundreds of pages of additional quality reference material.

This is the book that I wish I had available to me at the beginning of my career as an addictions counselor – and the book that will equip others with a solid foundation for delivering more effective addictions treatment services, at a time when the need is more pronounced than ever!