Read what Steve‘s training participants are saying…

Treating Co-occurring Addiction and PTSD: Foundations Chicago – Professional Lecture Series, 1.5 CEU presentation.

  • “This lecture was extremely informative. Presenter did a great job of engaging his audience. His knowledge of this field of study was excellent.”
  • “Content was relevant & presenter shared great clinical examples/stories that were helpful.”
  • “Thanks for a great training! I look forward to bringing some of these resources to my workplace.”
  • “Even though the time was limited, Stephen gave an excellent overview of the information.”

Treating Co-occurring Addiction and PTSD: Summit for Clinical Excellence – The National Conference on Trauma, Addictions, and Mindfulness: Where Freud Meets Buddha, 1.5 CEU presentation.

  • “Steve was excellent in his presentation. His material will be a great help to me in working with people with PTSD in the child protection system. I am truly grateful for his gifts.”
  • “An excellent review of treatment modalities needed to successfully intervene with populations that exhibit both addiction and trauma. Stephen provided a great number of resources I can use to enhance my clinical practice.”
  • “Stephen’s dedication to his patients, his craft, & the thorough knowledge of his methods is truly admirable.”
  • “You have the best treatment presentation at this conference. I use all of your treatment techniques and was great validation for what I do in private practice.”

Motivational Interviewing for Social Workers: University of Michigan Graduate School of Social Work 15.0 hour mini-course.

  • “The instructor was outstanding. I thoroughly enjoyed all 5 sessions. I would love to see an intermediate MI course.”
  • “It was a very engaging and helpful class! Thank you!”
  • “Wiland is a treasure to the profession.”

Introduction to Co-occurring Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders: Social Work CEU 3.0 hour seminar class; Washtenaw Community College, Lifelong Learning Department.

  • “I enjoyed this class very much, got much from it, will tell others on my unit.”
  • “Excellent offering – I will take more.”
  • “Exceptionally well-prepared & informative presentation. Thank you.”
  • “Steve was the perfect instructor for this. Very knowledgeable, compassionate & balanced.”
  • “Thanks Steve! I thought your class was definitely the best CEU offering that I have taken in the last three years. Well organized and professional.”
  • “Provided good information to use immediately in my job.”
  • “Excellent knowledge base & use of application of information to practice”.
  • “Very excellent & knowledgeable speaker. Provided a wealth of information. Very organized & enjoyable. Thanks Steve!”

Co-Occurring Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders: Social Work CEU 6.5 hour seminar class; Eastern Michigan University, School of Social Work, Continuing Education and College of Health and Human Services.

  • “Overall presenter was very knowledgeable. Good information. Highly recommended.”
  • “Class questions were readily answered and very informative – lively discussions.”
  • “Steve was the most useful trainer in this summer’s series!! A wealth of information and easy to follow . . . “
  • “Excellent presentation. Great job!!”
  • “Very appreciative of the dialogue and the opportunity to have an open discussion/hear other perspectives.”

Stagewise Treatment and Documentation for Co-Occurring DisordersFull-day technical assistance training for Venture region staff; (Battle Creek, Kalamazoo, & Lawrence, MI).

  • “Great info. Powerpoint slides were great as well. Presentation flowed well”.
  • “The presentation was a genuine pleasure – not over-learning, not arrogant. He was informed and easy to listen to . . . nice job.”
  • “Thanks for caring about our experiences in these trainings.”

Other Evidence-Based Practices Within the IDDT ModelMDCH/WSU/MACMHB-sponsored Social Work CEU 6.5 hour training presentation; (Grand Rapids, MI).

  • “Relevant to the SA profession.”
  • “Steve’s knowledge and breadth/depth of information in this area was outstanding.”
  • “The videos and additional resources were very beneficial. Hearing what other areas around the state [are doing] was also great.”
  • “The encouragement of discussion was very good. The knowledge of the instructor is very impressive. The references to web and materials was very helpful. I also appreciated that each topic was just touched upon and not belabored. Great information.”

Assessment, Diagnosis and Treatment of [Co-Occurring] Substance Use Disorders: MDCH/WSU/MACMHB-sponsored full-day training presentation (Grand Rapids, Traverse City, & Lansing, MI).

  • “The speaker was well organized and has a passion for his work. He was very receptive to participant questions. Had broad knowledge of different treatment modalities.”
  • “I really appreciate the stories of hope and success with consumers. The positive and realistic attitude of the presenter was refreshing. Keep up the positive attitude.”
  • “Steve is very knowledgeable and has great command of the various modalities, trends and real life challenges to the application of IDDT.”
  • “Exceptional instructor as far as his delivery of the information, skills, specific instructional materials – excellent.”
  • “Steve is an excellent presenter without ego involvement. Spoke like a clinician who does the work and cares about it.”
  • “The presenter was excellent, and I would attend other trainings he presents.”
  • “The entire workshop helped increase my skills and knowledge in helping this population. I have not seen Mr. Wiland present before and found him extremely knowledgeable and able in relaying information. Good interactions with other workshop participants.”

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