This material is intended for those interested in developing and implementing co-occurring mental health and substance abuse treatment services according to the model researched and promoted by the federal government’s Department of Health and Human Services’ Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).

IDDT Model Implementation

For an 18-minute introduction to Integrated Treatment for Co-Occurring Disorders, navigate to the YouTube Integrated Treatment for Co-Occurring Disorders Playlist link, and click on the 1st video option on the menu entitled, “Introductory Video – English” (also available in a Spanish version).

Click here to view, download, and/or order a hard copy of the SAMHSA resource, Integrated Treatment for Co-Occurring Disorders Evidence-Based Practices (EBP) KIT.

This Knowledge Informing Transformation KIT includes the following:


1. How to Use the Evidence-Based Practices KIT

2. Getting Started with Evidence-Based Practices

3. Building Your Program

4. Evaluating Your Program

5. Training Frontline Staff

6. The Evidence

a. TIP 42 – Substance Abuse Treatment for Persons with Co-Occurring Disorders

7. Using Multimedia to Introduce Your EBPs

a. sample Co-Occurring Disorders Brochure (English)
b. sample Co-Occurring Disorders Brochure (Spanish)
c. sample Co-Occurring Disorders Introduction – Power Point presentation


1. Introductory Videos (English and Spanish)

2. Practice Demonstration Videos (English and Spanish)

Domains in the IDDT model, with associated technical assistance resources

IDDT Treatment Characteristics

IDDT Global Organizational Elements